Five Doubts You Should Clarify About News

That it’s not the most important thing to you on Raw of course not Stacy I think you know what’s the most important thing tome oh my ain’t nobody tell me that we inhere ain’t nobody tell me that we’re inhere oh you’re so sweet I’ve been so happy since we got together I can’t believe it’s been almost a whole year now I know that it hasn’t been the best year of your career Hey how can you say that when I’ve got the most beautiful woman in the world by my side yo this is crazy James Falcon said.

I’m done with championships News he’s moving on to the women this dudes out here dude who’s this Randy hey I hope I’m not interrupting you two lovebirds but Wanted to talk to you about our match tonight Randy did you really just walk up to me and my girl with a stark erection my god why don’t you go step back and then come back in or so minutes and we can talk again when you’re not staring at me with that thing look.

I know when you have had I have some history and not all that has been good last year we were tag champions Remember until evolution and I decided you weren’t up to it yeah I remember not now I’m not going to apologize fording what I had to do but I want you to-remember that Triple H didn’t exactly welcome me home with open arms after Lost the Intercontinental to you I’m not surprised.

Randy you made a bad decision since then I’ve realized that I haven’t always made the best decision in my-career you have made zero good decisions the fact that you were not on my side the entire time shows how damn stupid you are you honestly need to go home Randy so tonight when we meet in that ring for this title turn.